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Hello, my name is Robb. I started this ClutterPuck hockey blog because I love hockey and I love talking about hockey…with anyone.

I’m a big fan of the Minnesota Wild, the Minnesota Gophers and hockey in general. I played hockey for around 12 years of my life before I got cut as a bantam. Then for some reason I took a 17 year hiatus from playing hockey. I think the whole being cut thing was a big part of it, along with the Minnesota North Stars leaving.

There wasn’t any pro hockey in Minnesota for 7 years! I stopped watching hockey for awhile or at least the majority of it. I still watched the playoffs. The Minnesota Wild started in the year 2000 so it was great having a team of our own again. Win or lose, its just fun to have a team to cheer for.

I got a job working at a hockey retail store in 2003 and the hockey bug got me again!. Now I get out and play every now and then but nothing serious. I still love playing and watching the game. Playing is a lot more fun although I don’t recommend taking 17 years off. That seems to have a slight effect on your game. Just a little though.

I watch as many Wild and Gopher games that I can and I watch the NHL playoffs regardless of who’s playing. Hockey is the greatest sport in the world! You could probably guess that one of my favorite players is Cal Clutterbuck ergo the name, ClutterPuck! I love his game. He brings it every night, and by it, I mean, the CLUTTER! BRING THE CLUTTER! 

It can be a slogan for life, a motto if you will:

BRING THE CLUTTER Every Day! Live every day to the fullest! Go for it! Give 100% in whatever it is you do! BRING THE CLUTTER!

A lot of fans label Cal Clutterbuck as a pest and for the most part he fits that description but I think he’s more than that. He can score goals and handle the puck and I don’t see him as a cheap shot artist like most pests are known for. I very rarely see him take cheap shots at other players. He hits anyone and everyone. He doesn’t care who it is and they don’t like it. He gets under their skin physically and psychologically. He changes the game with his physicality.

I’m just a big fan of the physical part of hockey. I hate when a guy does a fly-by on a player that he could hit. HIT ‘EM! Why wouldn’t you hit ’em? This doesn’t mean to go out of your way to make a hit either! You still have responsibilities on defense! A hit means nothing if the other team scores a goal because you feel the need to throw a hit!

Physical play changes the way the opponent plays. It gets in the head of the other team. They have to make quicker decisions when they know a hit is coming, which causes turnovers in your offensive zone, and that’s never a bad thing. It can also get the other team to retaliate and take a dumb penalty.

So thanks again for coming to ClutterPuck.com! 

Tell us if there’s anything you’d like us to talk about or if you have any suggestions on how to make our site better. 

This site is more for you than it is for me so everybody say it with me….LET’S TALK HOCKEY! 

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